Bonori Giorgio is a consulting company focused on the design and modelling of complex gear power system.  Our main expertise are:
Static and dynamic analyses of systems with spur, helical, hypoid and bevel gears arranged in virtually any configuration by means of our innovate software applications with multiple power flow paths, as well as systems with recirculating power Prediction of the vibro-acoustic behaviour of mechanical structures by means of detailed FMM-BEM analyses. Customized software for any kind of industrial applications. Bonori Giorgio is the official licenser, exclusive for Italy, of Transmission3DTM and CoustyxTM by ANSol Advanced Numerical Solution LLC. Bonori Giorgio established a technical partnership with KISSsoft AG (A Gleason Company) to provide support on modelling gear system with KISSsysTM. Transmission3DTM CoustyxTM KISSsysTM
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