Bonori Giorgio is official and exclusive reseller of Transmission3DTM Transmission3DTM is a computer program meant for the contact analysis of two and three dimensional multi-body systems combining a unique, semi-analytical finite element approach with detailed contact modelling at the tooth mesh specifically developed to examine contacting elastic bodies such as gears and bearings. Transmission3DTM is capable to solve many technical difficulties typical of FEM contact pair analysis in complex geared systems, including hypoids, spiral bevel, crossed helical, or even straight bevel gears. Transmission3DTM can analyse all kind of geared systems such as all the variations of three-dimensional planetary systems, vehicle automotive transmission and rear axles, helicopter gearbox with compound planetary reduction. All system can be modelled entirely with any kind of gears (straight and spiral bevel and hypoids) , shafts, roller bearings and gearbox.
Transmission3DTM provides the most accurate and comprehensive study of gear analysis!!!
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